DTDH-16-4: Raw Underground Cuts

September 18th, 2016


A brand new Deep House mix on the Jackin House and Tech tip! Mixed by yours truly JDT for datechdahaus productions. Pure after hours rawness!

1. Dropping the Pressure (JDT "Party Time" Intro Mix) - Waitz
2. Come on Baby (Original Mix) - Roberto Parisi
3. My Angel (Original Mix) - Paco Moreni
4. Raw Soul (Original Mix) - Salvatore Vitrano
5. Last Day of August (Analog Trip Remix) - Dimitri Skouras
6. Looks Like Gold (Pure Elevation 2AM Remix) - Mona Bode, Pure Elevation
7. Sleep (Original Mix) - Armitage
8. Oh (Original Mix) - Young Hard
9. All Ears (Mr. G Remix) - Shenoda
10. Carte Blanche (DJ Le Roi Remix) - Simon Mattson
11. Release The Kraken (Original Mix) - Shadow Ink
12. Play The Theme (Mark Flash Remix) - Gareth Whitehead, Oliver Way
13. Tear Me Apart (Addex Remix) - Jelly For The Babies
14. Moving Up (JR From Dallas Ghetto Mix) - Laesh
15. Nobody's Buyin (Original Mix) - Tiptoes
16. Theif (Berny Straight Mix) - MoodyManc
17. Keep It Coming (90's essence Mix) - Ritmo Du Vela
18. Shorty Get Low (Rework Instrumental) - Gabriel Slick
19. Red Line (Original Mix) - Vincent Ache
20. 2002 (Original Mix) - Kevin Over
21. Agency (Original Mix) - Will Lister
22. The Waiting Room (Original Mix) - Boskay


DTDH-16-03: Big Room Sound

August 18th, 2016


A brand new Detroit Techno mix on the underground House Music tip. I am dedicating this set to all my old school house heads and techno kids. The sounds of the classics with all new tracks. This one is a fierce set, start it off with some new house tunes. Shout out to Doug Lazy for the track of the year!


1. Church Clap (11AM Mix) - Doug Lazy
2. When You Feel What Love Has (TWISM & B3RAO Heritage Remix) - Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train
3. House Will Survive (Joeski Dub Remix) - YouANDme, Brother's Vibe
4. Lego (Midi Lover Mix) - Detroit Project
5. Society (Original Mix) - Vlokken
6. City of Detroit (Kalyde Remix) - Flashmob
7. B4 (Original Mix) - Radek K
8. I Need You (Luigi Madonna Remix) - Mark Reeve
9. Analog Noise (Original Mix) - BICHO
10. Pyramiding (Original Mix) - Rennie Foster
11. Follow Your Body (Petter B Remix) - Luigi Modonna
12. Detroit Calling (Julixo Remix) - Alessan Main
13. Re-Awareness  (Original Mix) - Planetary
14. We Used To Rave - TD216
15. Click (Original Mix) - Von
16. Duel Wield (Original Mix) - M. Fukuda
17. BAK2U (Original Mix) - Ejeca
18. Roten (Original Mix) - Raakaerret
19. Axel Nebulae (Original Mix) - Baldo
20. Clan 00 (Native Mix) - Daniele Iannacone
21. Ghetto Kraviz (Regal 303 Dub) - Nina Kraviz
22. Rebellion (Original Mix) - Reset Robot


DTDH-16-02: Phonq You Up Mix

July 28th, 2016


I am back with a vengeance! The Deep House mix on the Detroit Techno and electro funk and afro tip! Mixed by yours truly for the datechdahaus productions. I am dedicating this to the sounds of the late 80' and early 90's, the underground sounds of NY House and Techno: The Underground, The Tunnel, Mars Bar, Limelight, Red Zone, The Sound Factory, Palladium, Club USA!


1. First Time I fell in Love With House (Angel Negron Remix) - Nunzio Roma
2. Harder Mix (Original Mix) - Anthony Mea
3. Basic Luv (Original Mix) - Phaze Dee
4. Silicone Valley (Original Mix) - Sizz Da Dude
5. Roots (Original Mix) - 95 North
6. Do You Feel This (Original Mix) - Brian Nance
7. Feel Trip (Original Mix) - Mood Dusty
8. Music Is My High (Dominox Latte Afro Experimental Vocal Mix) - Soulsista, Sisco Umlambo
9. Oozz (Original Mix) - Dj Mourad
10. The Elite (Awanto 3 Remix) - Tom Trago
11. Full Time House (Jacques Renault Edit) - Fulbert
12. Attlanti Wamdoo - Barce
13. Muzik (Kink Remix) - Marc Romboy, Blake Baxter
14. The Light - Soul Minority
15. Every Day, Every Way (Vocal Mix) - Vincent Ache feat. Janet Grey
16. MAW G Stomp (Jacques Renault Edit) - Mateo, Matos
17. This Track (Original Mix) - Gino Love
18. Parksyde (At Noon Mix) - Duse Salvare
19. Ancestral Vibe - Realm Of House feat. La Nena
20. Precious Cargo (Mr G's Out Dub) - Blondewearingblack


DTDH-16-01: Sensually Deep

July 10th, 2016

After a long wait, I am back to the road to recovery from accident in a new city and state.
The sounds of the deep, the sounds of the underground. A theme of Love and Unity for this podcast on the funk, soul, and afro tip.
A special shout-out to Thomas Callahan of Horse Brand, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I grew up, for building this beautiful Columbus Xcr bike frame on the cover art for yours truly. Enjoy this mix.

1. Huzzah (thatmanmonkz Unity Dub) - Bertha
2. You And Me A Melody (Real Deep Vocal Mix) - Jaidene Veda, Nteeze & Andy
3. Special One (Original Mix) - Sizz Da Dude
4. All I Do (Original Mix) - Cassy
5. You Got This (Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) - Real Deep, Jaidene Veda, Mdcl
6. Move Your Body (Alvarado Hylander Remix) - Edmund, Sacha D'Flame
7. Thank You (Black Sonix & Sean McCabe Alternative Vocal Remix) - Selina Campbell, Black Sonix
8. African Voice (Lady Vusumzi Re-Drum Remix) - Sam.D
9. Generations Further East (Original Mix) - Shadow Ink
10. In Front of Me (Sprite Remix) - Jelly For The Babies
11. Cafe Del Mar (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - Energy 52
12. Falling In Love Again (Harley & Muscle Caio Deep Mix)  - Suges, Nadine
13. Champagne and Caviar (Original Mix) - Tony Lionni
14. Love Blind (Chopin Remix) - Blond:ish feat. Mismatch
15. The One (I-Soul Impenetrable Mix) - Black Coffee feat. Demor & Bucie
16. Love's Like Dancing (Original Mix) - Lovebirds, Stee Downes
17. Outlines (Lenny Fontana Remix) - Oliver Gunning feat. Dharshana
18. Try My Love (Original Mix) - Tony Lionni
19. Black Pepper Crab (Original Mix) - Mr. G
20. Sweet Tone(Harley & Muscle Caio Deep Mix) - Ryo-Chin
21. Everything Is Everything (Original Mix) - Bonetti, Ekai
22. True Love (Original Mix) - Vincent Ache
23. Thank (Octopuz Afro Deeper Remix) - Robert Owens, Oscar P


Funk Soul Techphonic

May 25th, 2016
DaTechDaHaus will be coming back with new episodes in late June.
I am still recovering from cycling accident, which has left me somewhat debilitated.
For you drivers out there be extra careful of cyclist on the road. I am lucky to be alive and enjoy life with my family.

In the meantime enjoy this underground gem I did back almost 7 years ago at my old podomatic website. Still sounds fresh, mixing all underground genres and live remixes by yours truly JDT!

Funk Soul Tech Deep XL (40)

January 25th, 2016

A brand new deep house mix that's on the Funk, Soul, and Tech tip. Mixed by yours truly for datechdahaus. Deep House meets Detroit Techno (Deep Techno).


Luderstadt (Rthythm Version Vs JDT "Lights Go Out" live remix) - SK

Last Week Today - A-luta

Funk You (Original Mix) - Baldo

Words and Dreams (Addex Remix) - Chixunighted

Giving It All (Original Mix) - Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo)

It's All Right (Re-Touched) - The Mountain People

2 Close (Jimpster Dub) - GTO, S-Man

Tempt Of Fate (Original Mix) - Death On The Balcony

One Night (Original Mix) - Dj Umbi, Submantra

Smell Of The Sun (Original Mix) - Amaze

Attlan Techno - Barce

Button (Original Mix) - Bablak

Love and Unity (Original Mix) - Dominox Latte

Landscape (Original Mix) - Anthony Mea

Huracan (Pirupa Remix) - Simone Liberali

Back Up (Original Mix) - Alex Sosa

Stay Together (Back Together Remix) - Dj Sound Science feat Mona Bode

Atmospheric Dub (Jerome Sydenham 2014 Edit) - Kerri Chandler

Ogun (La Selva Mix) - Sal Negro

The War Of Art (Original Mix) - Rennie Foster

Tune In (Original Mix) - Mr. G

Keep On...(Chris Kaoz Remix) - Nonchalance

Repuestas (Original Mix) - 1101

Twilight (Original Mix) - Lenny Fontana

Collagen (Original Mix) - Black Jack


Da Good, Da Bad, Da Funky 6

January 24th, 2016


After a long break from this podcast page I bring you another banging deep house set. All brand new with the reminiscent sounds of the 90’s underground, that's on the Funk, Soul, and Tech tip. Mixed by dj JohnDaTech (JDT) for DaTechDaHaus.


1. Intro – feat Muzzaik

2. My Love (The Knight Cats Hard Slammin’ Mix) – The D.A.T. Project

3. To The Funky Song (Vocal Mix) – Dj Alexia feat. Andrew D.

4. Grown & Sexy (Falko Brocksieper Remix) – Alexander Konig, K’Alexi Shelby

5. New Dawn (Original Mix) – Gilbert Le Funk

6. Coconut Paradise (Original Mix) – Steve Bug

7. Deeper (Original Mix) – Vincent Ache

8. Crash (Siwell Remix) – Todd Terry, Mr. V, Hybrid Heights

9. Follow Me (Original Mix) – Kalix

10. Stars (Original Mix) – A.D.S.R.

11. Obsession (Oscar P Deep Soul Mix) – Jazzmattik, MissuM

12. You Can’t Judge (TP’s Deeep Detroit Heat Mix) – Jack The Box

13. Bionic Man (Original Mix) – Alex Sosa

14. Do You Want Me? (Ross Couch Dub) – Steve Lynam

15. You Got This (Homero Espinosa Remix) – Real Deep, Jaidene Veda, Mdcl

16. I Feel Your Jazz (Original Mix) – Dee Costa

17. Dance Floor (Original Mix) – Mr. G

18. I Believe In You (Anthony Mea Remix) – Blood Groove & Kikis

19. I Live 4 Deep (Original Mix) – Roland Clark

20. Show Me Some Respect (Club Mix) – Sudad G. feat. Liah Walker

21. Wonderful Night (Original Mix) – Alex Sosa

22. Mad For Her Skin (Original Mix) – Okee Ru

23. Nefelibata (Franck Roger Remix) – Audiojack

24. Snap It Up (Original Mix) – Anthony Mea


Chemtrailing USA

August 28th, 2015


A brand new Detroit Techno mix, mixed live for datechdahaus productions. This mix is dedicated to the Heavens, to the Oxygen, and terra firma that Mother Earth gave to us for free.  It’s our steward mission to protect Mother Earth for future generations to come.  This alchemy “they” are creating in the heavens is being done to control the weather and for population control! Wise up friends and may the Father of All Creation protect us all!




1. Bourne Dub (Ambient Mix Vs. JDT “HAARP” Remix) – Echo Inspectors & Insect O

2. W.e. (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Aerosol Spray” Remix) – Exos

3. Tokyo (Original Mix Vs JDT “Alzheimer’s Issues” Remix) – Manik

4. Rush 12 (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Pulsating” Remix) – Yan Cook

5. G.T.O.F. (Original Mix Vs JDT “Rothschild Da Weatherman” Remix) – Multiples

6.  Good Boy Lolo (Original Mix) – Dj Mourad

7. Passion Week (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Philippines” Remix) – Kiki, Sasse

8. Traffic Hero (Original Mix Vs JDT “She’s a Hero” Remix) – Multiples

9. The Land of The Midnight Sun (Samuel L. Session Remix) – Roberto

10. Billingsella (Original Mix) – Jamie Anderson, Roberto

11. Buffalo Trace (Original Mix) – MANIK (NYC)

12. A Room (Original Mix Vs. JDT “Pilot Pilot” Remix) – son.sine

13. Lust (Johnny Blackouts Remix) – Matteo, J. Burnside

14. The Hypnoticus (VRIL Dub) – Sterac

15. Mind & Soul (Stefano Noferini Remix) – Marshall Jefferson, Tom Wax

16. Nijo (Original Mix) – Sven Weisemann

17. Freedom Is Timeless (Owen Ni Remix) – Magit Cacoon

18. Icaria (Original Mix) - Sven Weisemann

19. Dextrous (Original Mix) – Nightmares on Wax

20. Film Grain (Original Mix) – Yan Cook


Palo Palo II

July 31st, 2015


A brand new Deep House mix on the Afro-Latin- Tech tip. Dedicated to my friends in the East and West Coast, South Africa, and Europe from datechdahaus.



1. Intro

2. My Life, My Soul, My House! (Gavio Remix) – Tom Wax

3. M’s Retrograde – Mr. G

4. Don’t Touch The Alarm (Original Mix) – Hot Since 82

5. Love Found Me feat. Darian Crouse (Original Mix) – Ceezwebethi

6. Line in Gold feat. Rescue Poetix (Realm of House Medalla Mix) – Saliva Commandos

7. Mi llanto feat. La Nena (Original Mix) – Realm of House

8. Dancar (Original Mix) – Rhythm Staircase

9. Umoja (Original Mix) – Ceezwebethi

10. Agboho (N’Dinga Gaba Remix) – Randomized Coffee

11. 100 (Trace7000 Remix) – Tiga, Boys Noise

12. The Journey (Original Mix) – Antwon Faulkner

13. Coqui (Mr V feat. Miss Patty Remix) – Tony Noodles

14. Crossing Borders (Kings of House NYC feat. Anane) – Diephuis

15. Canto Bueno (Dub Mix) – Davidson Ospina

16. Tambor Y Plena (Original Mix) – Christian Vinci

17. Conquistadores Chocolates (Mr. Thruout Remix) – Oscar P.

18. La Gente (George Vibe Remix 1) – Norty Cotto, Oscar P.

19. Jungle Drugstore (Original Mix) – Timewarp

20. Espiritu (Original Mix) – Realm of House

21. Put Me On (Afro Expiremental Dub) – Demarkus Lewis, Dominox Latte


Sensually Deep X

July 12th, 2015


Bring on the summer heat with this brand new sensual Deep House mix.  The sounds of the 90’s on the funk, soul, jazz, and tech tip! Mixed and compiled by Dj JohnDaTech for datechdahaus.




1. Intro – JDT

2. A Day In May (Original Mix) – Dj Mourad

3. Love Fantasy (Main Mix) – Sean McCabbe, Groove Assassins

4. Easy To Love (Yuri From Russia Remix) – Anthony Mea

5. Secret Lover (4 Da People Remix) – Miguel Amaral

6. Sister House (Original Mix) – Carl Tregger

7. The Rainbow Song (Original Mix) – Art of Tones

8. The Strength That I Have (Original Mix) – Paul2Paul

9. Let Go (Soulplates Let The Sun In Remix) – Stephanie Cooke, Mojito, Nick Power

10. The Voice of You (The Timewriter Remix) – Onur Ozman

11. Nothing Lost (Original Mix) – John Silver

12. Somebody Like You (Original Mix) – Ross Couch

13. If (Piers  Kirwan Vocal Remix) – Gilbert Le Funk, Dj Bee, Kaysee

14. Harmony (My Name Is Sheila) (Kiko’s Funk Explosion Mix) – Kiko Navarro, Sheila Ford

15. Knickerbocker (Mark E Mix) – Mic Newman

16. Love Taking Over (Original Mix) – Dusky

17. Touch My Soul (Oscar P NY 2 Detroit Mix) – Stu G

18. Bonita (Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal Remix) – Marco Grandi

19. Broken Promises (Original Mix) - EmosewaMuzika